The world's first
human resources credit
blockchain ecosystem

The CTE (Career Trust Ecosystem) provides a solid infrastructure for the HR industry. Its openness, ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalable and secure blockchain, and the introduction of many advanced innovations provide unlimited opportunities for the HR industry to serve its customers.

Solutions to the industry pain point

Decentralized occupation credit ecosystem.

CTEChain project is based on blockchain data transactions and data services, providing you with a clearer, more accurate all-around user portraits.

Resume fraud control mechanism

Provide cross-verification and fraud warning mechanism. Set complaint mechanism and broadcast the whole blockchain network.

Data plate verification mechanism

Each piece of data has its own unique data copyright. We make sure that the producer has the sole right of copyright and perpetual profit.

Credit data verification mechanism

All data uses point-to-point secured transmission. All query triggers smart contracts. Digital assets priced under standardization.

Establishment of Union Chain

We believe that the CTE blockchain is a occupation credit ecosystem that provides decentralized data exchanges for the industry and we create CTE smart contracts to help them realize their dreams.

Open source principle

Occupation Chain(CTEChain) forked the Graphene open source code and developed upon it. During the development, CTEChain retained the consensus mechanism of DPoS, while merging PoCS (Proof of Contribution System), two-way anonymous transaction protection mechanism, data Copyright protection mechanism to the CTEChain System.

dApps and Smart Contracts

dApps and smart contracts are the centerpieces of the CTE ecosystem. In the CTE blockchain, developer can not only enjoy the stability and high concurrency brought by the CTE virtual machine, but also the privilege of developing in all mainstream programming languages.

Fair and Transparent Feedback System

Users will have opportunities to provide feedbacks upon completion of the service. FTFS is designed to ensure all feedbacks are trustworthy.

Our Team

Team Members


Singapore's senior blockchain industry expert, data value and blockchain laboratory research director.


Internationally renowned investor, bitcoin early practitioner.

YiYun Zhang

Funding Partner of “GeekBeans Capital”, CEO of “Pocket Part-Time”.

HongBo Xu

Associate Researcher of Institute Of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy Of Science.


She is the founder of, Charles Xue star investment project, thus becoming the first ICO person in tourism industry.

Wei Ni

Co-founder of Focus Media.

Li Zhang

Chairman of HongKong Shangya Exchange.

MingYue Ren

Founder of MCC.TOP.


Jie Lian

Founder of Black Horse Club - South China.

ManZi Xue

Well known angel investor in Blockchain coins field.

Zheng Zeng

Founder of QF Capital.


CTE Chain Union

The blockchain of CTEChain has already been established in 8 countries around the world with 189.

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